Cambodian Genocide

Vietnamese refugees flooding into Cambodia after Cambodian independence.

Cambodian Genocide:
A Brief Overview for High School Students

Specifically referenced in the CA HSS Framework on page 358, the Cambodian Genocide is considered a ‘hot spot’ of the Cold War that 10th grade students should study to better understand that time in history. In this video, students will receive a brief introduction to the causes and effects of the Cambodian Genocide and be introduced to a survivor. They will hear her first-hand account of living in Cambodia at the time and learn about her experience participating in the Cambodian Airlift and being a refugee in America. This video can be a powerful complement to a study of the Cold War and Vietnam War, lending a view of someone who was 12 years old during the event. This video is also designed to be a starting point for a larger conversation about how genocide can occur, what international response to genocide should be, and what role individuals have in preventing genocide from occurring in the future.

The Khmer Rouge removed people from their homes and loaded them into trucks to be transported to the countryside — the beginning of the destruction of the cities and the people who lived there.