About the Project

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The 2016 History-Social Science (HSS) Framework incorporates a critical shift for California educators. This shift includes a focus on inquiry-based instruction through innovative teaching and learning practices. The Budget Act of 2017 includes an allocation of funds for high-quality professional learning and resources for HSS educators and administrators to implement the new Framework.

The HSS Framework guides educators as they design, implement, and maintain a coherent course of study to teach content; develop inquiry-based critical thinking skills; improve reading comprehension and expository writing ability; and promote an engaged and knowledgeable citizenry in history and the related social sciences.

A focus on student inquiry and civic engagement ensures that the next generation will be civically aware and engaged.

Through funding from the California Department of Education, the Sacramento County Office of Education has developed a system of statewide and regional communities of practice (CPs) to provide meaningful and targeted support in HSS for classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, and site administrators.

Representing the four instructional shifts described in the HSS Framework, the Content, Literacy, Inquiry, and Citizenship (CLIC) Project includes many important elements, all integral for the successful implementation of the HSS Framework. The primary components of this project are:

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